When the Bough Breaks…

How do you know when you’ve reached your breaking point?  It can be difficult.

I think a lot of us big firm associates have developed a high threshold for pain.  Like a wet branch.  When a branch is dry, it’s pretty easy to snap.  When it’s wet, you can bend it again and again until it’s limp.

I hate to say it, but last week was a good week for me.  I left early most days, went on a few lunchtime excursions with co-workers and was given a pat on the head at the end of the week for doing some high-quality work at the last minute.  I like pressure in small doses.  Positive feedback is good too.

Except I know it is fleeting.  Last week was the exception.  I need to focus on the big picture so I don’t get caught in the emotional back and forth of working at a big law firm.

The only way to escape is to (1) be mentally prepared to leave and (2) have a viable plan for the future.

One thought on “When the Bough Breaks…

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