The Best Venn Diagram Ever!

This Venn diagram captures exactly what I need to figure out for myself:


Copied from here.

1.  What we do well

2.  What we want to do

3.  What we can be paid to do

Such simple questions, but so difficult to answer.  For me, much of my life has been spent aiming for the next milestone.  In high school, I strove for good grades and I studied my butt off for the SAT.  In college, I continued to strive for good grades, while making sure I developed good work experience to lead into a successful job after college.  I took the LSAT.  And on and on.  At no point in this process did I ask myself any of these three questions.  Well, maybe when I picked my major, but I wasn’t even sure why I picked it.  It’s only now when I’m striving for something that I don’t really want (i.e., spending the rest of my life at a large law firm) that I’m finally asking myself these questions.

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