I’m stuck between two worlds.  One I yearn for, but cannot have yet.  The other, a remnant of my past.  I am in the process of reinventing myself; a process that repeats every few years and that I’ve come to enjoy.  But I’m still stuck under the weight of my current situation.  So busy, yet so unmotivated.  Unable to focus on my transition like I want.

Crossing the Economic Divide

In a few short months, I will transition from “upper-middle class” to “lower-middle class,” albeit voluntarily.  (I put those terms in quotes because I think it’s meaningless B.S.)  In practical terms, this means going from a $200K salary and never having to think about not having enough money to $0-40K and having to live off my savings.  While I plan on using this time to find myself and potentially develop a few businesses, it will be difficult to adjust to the lifestyle change.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about how much this shift will bother me, if at all. Continue reading