One Foot Out the Door

I’ve made a lot of progress in getting the wheels greased for my personal venture.  I am very excited about it.  To keep the blog truly anonymous, I will not say further what I will be getting involved in.  I may start a parallel blog and then link to it once I’ve left.

Sidebar: Even though I am motivated, I find myself with a short attention span.  I start working, stop after 30 minutes, but still look forward to the next time I can work even though I have time to do it now.  I think this is a bad habit after so many years of doing boring work.  I always have to take a quick break and walk around the building or surf the web before I can keep working.  The only way to get me working is pressure.  That’s another bad habit, among many others, that I have to address.

So here I am…I’ve got one foot out the door.  I am actually doing this!  I can’t believe it!

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