Expenses Now vs. Expenses 1 Year Ago

I’ve been doing a lot of analysis of my spending.  For example, from 10/14/2009-11/14/2009 I spent $3,719, whereas from 10/14/2008-11/14/2008 I spent $4,680.  Over a year, that’s saving almost $12,000!  From the looks of it, in that month in 2008, I spent $700 in clothing and ate out a lot.  That’s paying the same rent of about $2,400/mo.

In the last two and a half years (basically all the financial data I have available), I spent around $145,000, which works out to $58,000 a year on average.  That’s not bad considering what big firm attorneys are paid, but it’s too much if you’re not making any money.  For the last year, I spent $54,000.  (I only made a concerted effort to reduce spending in the last month or two.)  Even $54,000 works out to $4,500 a month, so the $3,719 I spent last month was well below the average.  Getting rent to $600/month will really save me.  (That $54,000 drops to $32,400.)

2 thoughts on “Expenses Now vs. Expenses 1 Year Ago

  1. I’m glad I found your blog… very interesting! Now that you know you don’t want to do BigLaw, do you know what you want to do? Start your own business, go into corporate / in-house? Work for the government?

    It’s awesome how much you’ve managed to save in the few years you’ve been working – kudos for that.

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