Shortening the Timeline

Well, life has been good lately.  I haven’t worked too hard.  I’ve taken vacation and multiple weekend trips in the last few months.  Yet I’ve also billed more or less enough hours.  My timeline for ER might also be shortening.  I may make partner much sooner than I thought.  Also, two of my contacts made overtures to hire me this past week, although I would probably take pay cuts for both positions.  So my ego has gotten a nice little boost.

If I make partner, I would probably start at $300K.  Let’s say I net $170K after taxes. If I stick with my current $30K budget, I can save $135K in cash, put $16.5K in 401(k) and $5K in Roth IRA each year.  If I go another year as an associate @ $70K cash savings /yr and four years @ $135K cash savings / yr, that puts me at $810K at 0% interest rate.  At 5%, that’s over $1M, which is pretty comfortable for me.  Of course, 5% is not guaranteed.

So, I feel a little more motivated at work these days, if not just to be able to retire a little earlier or with a little more.

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