Feel like I’m in limbo these days.  I’m still on track financially.  Just going to work day in and day out.  Hanging out with the girlfriend and friends on weekends.  What am I driving towards?  Do I need to constantly be driving towards something?  What is the most productive way to use my free time?  Will I recognize happiness when I have it, or will I constantly be wanting more?

More on the E-Ring

I have to say, I did a TON of research on diamonds before making the purchase.  I actually purchased one last year, only to decide (a) I wasn’t ready and (b) I wasn’t in love with the ring.  This year, I finally decided I was ready and set out to find the perfect ring.  I spent hundreds of hours scouring, which is a great resource for consumers.  There are a lot of helpful people on that board.

I learned all about the 5 Cs (cost, cut, carat, color, and clarity) — I listed those in the order of importance to me.  As it turns out, carat, color, and clarity are pretty easy to understand.  For carat, I decided that anywhere between 1-1.5 carats would look good on her hand — this is based on the average face-up size for a round brilliant and her size 5 ring finger.  For color, I wanted something that appeared white.  The last diamond was an “I” color, but I decided I didn’t like the warmth when the diamond was viewed from the side, so this time, I went with an “H”, which is generally accepted as appearing white.  For clarity, I only wanted it to be eye clean — meaning no inclusions can be seen with the naked eye.  Turns out I can’t even see the inclusions in the VS2 clarity diamond I bought with a loupe!

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