Still Trudging

Well, I’m still playing the BigLaw game.

Work has been tolerable lately.  The partners still act like they like me, despite my sometimes obvious lack of enthusiasm.  Things are getting busy, but the silver lining is that I will be able to make hours and qualify for a (pittance of a) bonus.  That’s fine though, considering how little I worked earlier in the year.

Everyone’s been talking about bonuses lately, with people wondering why no firm has announced yet.   But Cravath announced today, setting an awfully low bar for other firms to follow.   Hopefully, my firm will decide not to follow CSM and blow them out of the water, but honestly that’s probably just a pipe dream.  However, I might expect a little higher than the CSM scale because my firm takes merit into account.

Anyways, I’ve never been better financially.   My expenses are at an all-time low and I don’t feel deprived in any way whatsoever.  My total expenses (including rent) are less than rent at my previous apartment alone!  My spend rate is about $27K per year, which of course, boosts my savings rate too!

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