Separate Ways…

I’ve been spending some time with friends over the New Year.  Most of them are attorneys a few years older than me.  Many of them are very successful, e.g., newly-minted equity partners or on the fast track to partner.  One female friend just had her second kid and is talking about buying a 3 BR condo in an expensive part of the city.  Another male friend who made partner just bought $1.5M condo.  Another friend bought a $70,000 weekend car.  Meanwhile, I’m here in my low cost rental w/ roommate.

My friend who made partner is not sure if he wants to be partner for the long-run.  Too much stress, I suppose.  I suggested that a partner who makes $600K a year could probably save a ton of money after five years.  I mean just limit spending to $50K, right and you can live off the savings.  Everyone laughed.  Really!  Someone said that was basically impossible — he’s the guy with the two nice cars and a vacation home.  The gal with two kids said I was dreaming.  Someone else brought up taxes…even at 50%, you’re still saving $250K a year!  I didn’t ask, but I assume that means they spend wayy over $50K a year.  I didn’t mention that I only spend $27K — I guess they don’t notice, which is a good thing.

Anyways, this background brings me to my point.  I used to be really close with these folks — still am — but really started to feel like we were going our own separate ways.

2 thoughts on “Separate Ways…

  1. totally know how you feel. I can never understand people (like Big Law partners) who work in a horrific job just for the money, but then buy all kinds of expensive houses and cars which only serves to tie them further to the rat race.

    Why don’t more people who make our kind of salary dream of early retirement?

    When I talk to people about this, they always go: “I would be bored with no job.” I don’t understand why they don’t dream of working some place then just for the enjoyment of a job (i.e. a volunteer job or a public interest job).

    As for me: not having to work means I will be able to do whatever I want. How could that boring?

    Being bored when you can do whatever you want shows a failure of imagination in my opinion.

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