Stress Strikes Again

I’ve been very stressed lately; not from working too much — I’m in a position to delegate a lot of work to more junior associates, but from something else. I think it’s the expectation that’s been placed on me. I’m no longer the associate who goes from one discrete task to another, doing each one well, but rather the lawyer who’s responsible for significant aspects of cases.

Honestly, I’ve never been more tempted to take my 2010 bonus and run. The added stress makes me feel like I am wasting the prime of my life doing something I’m not naturally suited to do. I’ve adapted myself to perform well as a lawyer, but it doesn’t fit my personality. I need to figure out what I was born to do.  What’s my passion? What’s YOUR passion?

3 thoughts on “Stress Strikes Again

    • Thanks for your comment bigato. I did go through an exercise similar to what you suggested. I cut my rent from $2400 a month to under $1000 a month. I live in an area where the median sales price for real estate is over $1M, so I was quite proud of this feat. That meant my total expenses would be less than what I used to pay in rent alone! I finished 2010 with a pretty steady expense burn rate that I discuss elsewhere in the blog. I’m trying to cut in other ways as well, but I could not go as far as Jacob. I cook all my meals and try to walk to work, but still have a car. I also like to take random weekend trips to visit friends or just unwind. I’m happy with this rate because I don’t feel squeezed at all and still save low six figures a year.

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