Designing My Ideal Lifestyle

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what my ideal lifestyle would be.  I guess I can’t say for sure because I haven’t lived it yet.  I can have a single track mind and when I focus on a goal, I do it with such a laser like focus that I don’t get a chance to explore alternatives.  Sometimes, it takes a shake-up to get me to reorient myself and make adjustments.

The last time I posted about my future plans was 1 1/2 years ago in this post.  It’s funny how things change after 18 months.  I’ve lost interest in poker, wouldn’t apply to a clerkship, wouldn’t get an MBA, not inclined to start a high overhead company, lost interest in developing mobile apps, and despise patent trolls more than ever.  That basically leaves going in-house and teaching.  I suppose I’m not crazy about teaching either.

Recently, I discovered the location-independent / digital nomad lifestyle.  I have to say I’m intrigued.  It’s not something I could see myself doing forever, but certainly for a few years.  This would also allow me to spend more time with family.  Here’s how I could work it out.  I would spend 3 months in my current area, 3 months at my parents’ area, 3 months in a foreign locale, say Argentina and 3 months in another foreign locale, say Istanbul.  Of course, I could mix up the time periods, as 3 months at home and 3 months with family might be a bit much.

Now, if I save 25x annual expenses and keep my expenses abroad within my current expenses, then I’m golden.  Ideally, I could continue to consult on IP and/or other legal issues.  The great thing is you can do this type of work from anywhere.  For example, I could help on a technology transaction or do some patent prosecution all from the comfort of a cafe in a quaint South American town or a flat in Europe.  Maybe I’m romanticizing the concept, but it’s definitely very attractive.  Even if I only earned $3-5K a month, it would go a long ways towards offsetting my travel expenses and maybe even covering them entirely.

There are an increasing number of virtual law firms, some of them with excellent reputations and high pay.  I don’t know if they would work with someone with a nomadic lifestyle.  Also, my g/f also has a job that is conducive to working remotely.

Anyways, I’m very excited about pursuing this line of thought.  I will still endeavor to hit my magic number in non-retirement funds (which should occur in 3 years).  And maybe this traveling thing will only last a few years and I might be ready to return for an in-house position.  Who knows?  I will try to be more open minded about where life takes me and just be as prepared as possible for the ride!

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