Summer Update

It’s time for a summer update!  Financially, things are going well.  My savings rate is still up there, although I feel less disciplined in controlling spending.  I especially like getting frozen yogurt in the summer!  I have to tell myself that $3 for a small yogurt x 10 or even 20 is a drop in the bucket when saving $150,000 a year.  Also, my previous diligence in grocery shopping and not getting take out is also slipping.

Actually, I’ve been focused on getting in really good shape this summer.  I’ve always felt like I had difficulty putting on muscle and burning fat.  Obviously the reason is my diet — not because it is especially unhealthy, but because I probably just don’t eat enough to gain muscle mass. This summer, I’m going to make a particular effort to eat enough in total calories and protein, while keeping carbohydrates down (except following intense workouts).  Hopefully I’ll start to see some changes and motivate myself into continuing the eating habits.  I’d love to recomp and replace 10 lbs of fat with muscle.