Fall Update

It is already October — that means we’re overdue for an update.  It’s been a busy couple of months.  From getting engaged to moving to lots of work, and work-related travel, I’ve been a busy guy.

Overall, my net worth is up $134K year-to-date and $175K over the past 12 months.  My savings rate has probably gone down a bit over the last couple of months.  A lot of this has had to do with getting engaged a few month ago.  My girl is totally wonderful — beautiful, caring, cheerful, and *kind of* frugal.  I only call her *kind of* frugal because she sometimes comes home with a $20 per lb. cut of NY strip from the grocery store. But what makes her stand out is that she has been committed to living the lifestyle I’m advocating — freedom over possessions.  She’s willing to save 1/3 of her paycheck in her 401(k).  Willing to commit to our target annual budget.  That’s one of the reasons I feel so good about our impending nuptials.  Together, we will earn our freedom decades earlier than others.

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