Stopping to smell the roses

This is an unusual feeling.  The feeling of nothingness, freedom, relaxation.

I haven’t really had a day off since November.  We’ve had trial after trial.  Though it’s only been a few days, it’s already fading like a distant memory.  I’m not planning to go to work for the next five weeks.

Our honeymoon is coming up.  We still have some planning to do, but it’s shaping up nicely.  The first phase of planning involved accumulating miles and points.  We opened a Fidelity account and multiple credit cards to amass enough miles to book business class tickets around Asia.  I think we needed somewhere around 285,000 miles to do this.  I also got enough points so that my parents and brother could join us on the first leg of the trip, which required another 195,000 miles.  We also saved Starwood points so we could stay for free at a five-star hotel at one of our three destinations.  The benefits we got from redeeming these miles would probably have cost us easily over $20,000.  Even though much of our trip is free, we are also (uncharacteristically) splurging.  Five nights at a luxury resort @ $1,000 per night, meals at Michelin 3-star restaurants, etc.  The planning hasn’t always been smooth.  We had to switch resorts at the last minute because the original resort was being difficult about getting us on their charter flights on and off the private island.  This meant we had to re-route our flights to a different country.  We are now staying at a different top-notch resort that is more accessible.  Also, we weren’t able to get reservations at all of the restaurants that we initially wanted.  But we did get three key reservations.  But these are only minor bumps in the road.  Everything is falling nicely into place.  Like Hannibal (from the A-Team) always said, I love it when a plan comes together.

Our net worth is shaping up nicely too.  At our current rate, we should reach the two comma club in a few months.  We’re only $46K away.  Hopefully, we can pass that threshold in 3 months or less.  This assumes that I’ve been calculating our tax liability correctly!  As a salaried employee, I could usually count on the payroll withholding to be relatively accurate.  Now who knows.  My accountant has not been helpful either.  I’m thinking of firing them — they’re not very responsive and I have to correct everything they do.  Not a good thing to figure this out on 4/15 when I had a lot of other work deadlines too.

With all this new-found free time, there are a lot of things I need to focus on, like more trip planning and de-cluttering.  I have a pile of things I need to donate, a pile of things I need to list on eBay, and papers to scan and shred.

I will enjoy doing these things in this unfamiliar, quiet solitude.

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