A Timely Reminder

Lately, I’ve been getting comfortable — too comfortable — with where I am in my life.  My net worth has been zooming upwards (well except for the market turmoil in the past week) and I haven’t even been working that hard.  That led me to think about staying at my firm longer and attaining a $5M, or even $10M net worth.  I could live the kind of high life that I experience when I travel internationally with other partners, like buying $7K business class tickets and staying in $700/night rooms at five-star hotels.  I could probably even afford to buy an average house in my area (~$2-3M).

Only after I started getting comfortable, nature decided it was time to send me a reminder about why I need to keep my eye on the ball and why seeking excess under these circumstances was a fool’s errand.  One of my partners and I had a huge blowout, which I will not detail here, and it reminded me exactly why I did not enjoy the practice of law.  We patched things up a few days later, but I appreciated getting the reminder.  Maybe it’s my way of making lemonade out of lemons.  But certainly, I feel more motivated to not get comfortable and to really get on with my life.