Winter Update and a Resolution

Happy belated New Year to everyone!  I enjoyed almost two weeks off from work over the holidays. Spent a lot of it with family on the other coast.  It was great to completely disengage from the daily grind, especially coming off of a period where I was intensely disliking my j*b.  This year has also gotten off to a good start.  It’s been Goldilocks busy at work — not too much, not too little — just the right amount.  As an INTJ, the part about litigation I like the least, or more accurately stated as abhor the most, is having to deal with difficult people.  Even the thought of it totally stresses me out.  Fortunately, there hasn’t been much of that lately.  That certainly makes the job easier to handle.  Plus, everyone has been pulling their own weight lately (and perhaps even some of mine!).

As long-time readers will note, from time to time, I seesaw from hating the job to not minding it so much.  Having gone through the ups-and-downs more than a few times, I feel like it will soon be time to get off the seesaw.  On the financial side, I feel pretty comfortable stepping aside after one more fiscal year.  That means leaving either (1) at the end of this year if I am not productive or (2) next spring if I expect a distribution above my draw (like a bonus). Thus, my resolution for 2015 is to plan as if I will leave no later than spring of 2016.


This is not the first time I’ve drawn a line in the sand and said I will quit by a certain date.  But I was naive in 2009 and too eager to compromise the future for the present.  At that time, only the ERE and MMM folks would have encouraged me to quit with a net worth of $350K.  Now I feel like even more conservative types like the folks at and Bogleheads would agree that we are ready.  Hopefully putting my resolution in writing will help me stick to it.  Continue reading