Thanks to a robust market, our net worth topped $1.5M for the first time in February.  $1.5M was our target after we first got married.  At that time, we were shooting for annual expenses of $45K/year and figured having 30 years of expenses would be fairly safe.  I suppose we’re now just accumulating a buffer over the next year.  The buffer is important psychologically for us, especially my wife who is worried about unforeseen expenses.  The next year will also give us time to plan our next move.

static1.squarespace.comLately, it has been very tempting to just quit and the temptation seems to be getting harder and harder to resist.  But I would like to avoid burning any bridges as my professional and personal lives have begun to collide in the last few years.  Plus, who knows if in a few years, I will decide to scurry back to the safety of working life because it turns out I am not suited for FIRE.  (I sure hope not, but it’s always prudent to keep that door open!)