Sprint to the Finish

Things have been a little crazy in the last few weeks.  I’ve been wanting to fill you all in about my situation, but it is unique enough that posting about it could compromise my anonymity.  It’s really going to be a sprint to the finish line.  But our finances will be better for it.

Sprinter Crossing the Finish LineI just ran a Firecalc simulation based on what I expect our savings will be in 2015 and things look very good.  This is based on a $55K spend and doesn’t include social security.  (This is for a 45 year timeline — oddly enough I find the success rate for a 45 year period to be more conservative than that for a 60 year period.)firecalc 04122015Now the only question is if I have enough gas in the tank to finish out the year!

9 thoughts on “Sprint to the Finish

  1. Because firecalc uses real data, starting from 1871 (I think), it has more different 45-year periods to calculate with than 60-year-periods (the most recent 60-year-period it can use ends in 2014 and therefore starts in 1954). So you get more, and more different, scenarios if you use the 45-year-periods in your calculations; and apparently some more bad ones, too. So it’s more conservative that way.

    To me this seems like you’re ready to go… Very low failure rate over 45 years, plus you will get some social security added to it once you get a bit older (I’m counting on it still being there, maybe less than now, but still… ), plus I’m doubting that you will never receive a penny of income anymore once you proclaim yourself retired.

    Good luck with the deadline.

  2. I’m really curious as to what your plan is after jumping off the employee train.? What will be the first thing you do when you’re ready to leave?

    Oh, and you must write a post later on about how you left your work and the reactions from work.

    • I think we’ll be doing some long term travel immediately, then maybe settling down to have a family. I will probably spend some time writing as well as developing my hobbies, like playing golf (hopefully in local competitions) and re-learning how to play classical piano.

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  4. hi, question for FireCalcer’s on here. i am wondering what i should indicate for draw downs/spending when i’m not really going to need to tap principal and sell a % of my assets periodically to fund retirement. i really should be able to subsist with some margin of error from just the interest and dividends. does the calc account for this in it’s simulations? obv need to be sure what i’m looking at there. any help appreciated.

    • I’m pretty sure that FireCalc takes dividends and interest into account. Just enter what you think you will spend using today’s values. Inflation will be the biggest killer even if you don’t touch your principal.

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