We Put a Stake in the Ground (Planning Our Exit)

I’m excited to share that we put a stake in the ground to help us follow through on our still-developing exit plan.  We just booked one-way tickets to Sydney, Australia departing at the end of February 2016.  Sydney will be our first stop on our travels after we leave our jobs.  We’re still figuring out where to go from there, but having that ticket booked helps give us the resolve to leave our jobs (and possibly careers).  Of course, since we used award miles to book the flight, we can always cancel 21 days before departure without any fees.*  But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


The strategy of putting a stake in the ground, or dipping our toes in the water before committing, has helped me to follow through with tough courses of action in the past.  For example, one of the ways I got myself to start investing in the stock market following the 2008 crash was simply to transfer cash from my bank account to a money market account at a brokerage.  It didn’t make any difference to my asset allocation, but I nudged myself closer to taking what I thought was the right action.  Now my money was in a position to be invested immediately.  I suppose this is the same strategy salespeople use to close on sales.  They start with small steps.

Anyways, how did we decide to leave in February 2016?  Well that took a bit of thought.

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