Imagining the Future and My Best Exit Scenario

I’m generally not an all-or-nothing person.  As a lawyer, I like to manage and hedge risk.  The thought of giving notice seems so…final.  I view it as the exchange of a stable and financially rewarding career for a dream of freedom, exploration, and fulfillment.  Need more money later?  Well tough luck.  With the financial markets suffering a bit of turmoil lately, I haven’t been feeling as confident about making the leap.

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Fall Update

Man, the summer went by really quickly.  The walnut tree outside our place is already beginning its annual dump on our porch.  I’ve started to wear light sweaters at night, and the local driving range where I hit golf balls has moved up its closing time by about an hour in the last month.  We’re doing our best to enjoy the tail end of summer.  We took a short trip over Labor Day and had a great time exploring, eating, napping, etc.

In the last four months of 2015, we really have to ramp up planning for our trip next year.  We’ve familiarized ourselves with the weather patterns in Asia and plotted a 9-month itinerary starting in Australia, then New Zealand, going up to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia/Singapore, down to Bali, up to Tokyo and Hokkaido/Sapporo, then hopping down through Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and finally back home.

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