I Did It!

That’s it — I gave notice at the end of the week.  It went very well.  People were surprised at first, but everyone seemed genuinely happy for me.  Overall, a huge relief and weight off my chest.  As expected, several people said they were jealous I was able to take this opportunity, and others opened up to me about their own frustrations with the demands of working at a large law firm.  I think word will start getting out next week so I expect a few more of these conversations.  Now that it’s done, it doesn’t feel as surreal as I thought it might.  Maybe that’s because I’ve gone through it in my head too many times. Thanks again to all for your support!

The Home Stretch

Well, this is the home stretch.  My wife gave notice to her employer this week.  It was well received probably because she gave them a little more notice than is typical.  It will be my turn next week.


The stars are aligning a little bit for me as it looks like a major case may get resolved very shortly.  Continue reading