Changing My Definition of Success

As I mentioned in my last post on walking the well-defined path in life, I’ve been pretty good at finding success along the way. I got good grades, went to a top university, worked my way up the ladder in prestigious law firms, and made a lot of money for my age. My concept of success has always been based on what other people thought.  I was happy when I achieved success.  But in many cases, that happiness was short lived.  True happiness is deeper than the veneer of basking in the temporary glow of what others think about you — it requires being true to yourself.

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Finding My Path

As a child, I was raised to think that being successful meant (1) getting good job that paid well; (2) getting married, and (3) having kids. It’s the well-trodden path and essential ingredient to the “American Dream.”  You are bombarded with this message from parents, teachers, Hollywood — you name it.  My parents, in particular, were always very focused on making sure I got good grades, so I could attend a good school and land a good job.

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Trip Update – New Zealand

Sorry for being a little delinquent in posting.  We’re currently on a month-long road trip across New Zealand.  It’s really beautiful here.  Things are so green and there are beaches everywhere.  People are friendly, but annoyingly, they drive on the wrong side of the road.  We’re meeting a lot of new folks — mostly the hosts of our AirBNB rentals and other guests.  We’re back in Auckland now and will soon head south to see the rest of the North Island.

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