Adventures in Tax Loss Harvesting

You may recall an earlier post where I was trying to figure out how long to stay at my job in 2016.  I decided to stay until we had to start paying a lot in taxes.  (Epilogue: I ended up staying a week or two longer since my caseload emptied and I was getting paid to do nothing.) Continue reading

The Math Behind Geographic Freedom

It sucks to admit, but we really feel priced out of the SF Bay Area.  Even when I was working, I always felt like rent and home prices were just too darn high.  I suppose it makes sense due to all of the high-paying jobs, but we were never really fit for the rat race and keeping up with the Joneses.  But the Bay Area is still a great place to live.  The weather is nice year round — not too cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer.  Plenty of good food and natural beauty.  Very diverse and well educated neighbors.  Plus our families are based there.  That’s a combination of factors that’s hard to match anywhere else.  It’s with a bit of a feeling of defeat that I’m looking at other places to settle down. Continue reading

Mindset to Thrive

Lately, I’ve been struggling a little bit with the transition from paid employment to FIRE.  I’m used to not having to think about money rather than trying to make our savings last forever.  I came across a helpful post from Financial Samurai, which discussed abundance and scarcity mindsets.  I realized that I’ve gone from an abundance mindset to the scarcity mindset.  I don’t want to have to scrounge every last penny like a survivor of the Great Depression.  Instead, I want to thrive because I have a positive mindset about what I can accomplish.

Going forward, I’m going to brainstorm ways to maintain an abundance mindset while living a fulfilling life.  I don’t want to become lazy and unmotivated in FIRE.