New Beginnings

I’ve written this blog for the past 7+ years as basically a journal for myself that I anonymously broadcast to the world.  We’re sitting at a crossroads now as to what to do with our lives going forward.  I’ve decided to mothball this blog and work on a new site that presents information in perhaps a more interesting manner.  The reason I’ve decided against continuing that work here is because my blog posts have slowly de-anonymized myself over time (as would be evident to anyone who knows me).  I have a new domain name, which I will announce here in due course then after some time I will take it down to sever any sort of link between this blog and the new one.  Thanks for all of your support over the years and have a great new year!

13 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I know how you feel. I’m still sitting on my old domain having not posted anything new for some time. It’s hard to let go of that, but like you I suffer from the same de-anonymization that I still feel I need. It’s unfortunate because in some ways that anonymity certainly hamstrung me in my attempts to connect to my readership.

    • Yeah it’s hard to connect while at the same time revealing intimate financial and career information that I would not normally reveal IRL. Had to make the choice, but hopefully it works out!

  2. Hi–I was just wondering how things are going now that you’re back in the US (I think?)? I might have mentioned this in a comment to an earlier post since deleted, but my situation is very similar to yours, except that I’m about a year behind you. And as a risk-averse lawyer, I’m finding it hard to decide to jump ship from a profitable career.

    • Hey thanks for checking in again Meg! We’ve been back in the U.S. for almost three months. I’ve been treading water. Partly due to no fire under my butt to find work, partly due to not knowing where to start. I recently read “Designing Your Life” by a two Stanford d.School professors, which seems like a promising starting place.

  3. AnonLawyer – Do you have an anon email address where you have anon conversations? If you do and would be open to some correspondence, can you shoot me an email? Would love to talk to you.

  4. Anonlawyer….really missing your posts. Finishing up 35 years of legal grind in georgia and trying to findsomething fun and meaningful to do with life. Jim

    • Thanks Jim! Sorry I missed this comment earlier. It’s definitely not easy to find a new direction unless you already had an inking when you were working. I’ve been trying to read my subconscious for hints! Have you had much luck?

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