The Never Ending Pursuit of Contentment

One of my best memories growing up was when my parents finally bought me and my brother a Sega Genesis for Christmas.  We had a home computer, but had wanted a gaming console for years.  Our friends had at least one, sometimes as many as three.  Our parents finally relented, but not without milking it by my demanding our best behavior for months.


Best present ever!

It was really the anticipation that made it so memorable though.  My brother and I constantly talked about it and daydreamed about what games we would get, where we would put it, etc.  Christmas Day was pretty memorable too — I think we were up by 5 am at the latest.  We raced downstairs to tear off the wrapping paper — we were giddy at the sight of the Sega logo.  We played a lot at first, but a year later, it was just another thing that we had.  Same thing with my first real mountain bike.  I mowed our lawn for $20 a pop, and slowly saved the $750 to buy the bike.  It had front suspension, which was a newfangled thing at the time.  I probably rode it two dozen times before I started driving and biked less.  At least I still have it — today it sits on our balcony with flat tires and a dusty seat. Continue reading