Where Has 2021 Gone?

I feel like this year has been a blur. We’re already at the end of August. School is back in session in our area. This year has been very busy at work. Just going from one stressful work deadline to the next. My billable hours from July 2020 to June 2021 exceeded 2,100 hours, which is really unacceptable for someone who should be part time. There should be some light at the end of the tunnel in November. I know last time I posted about quitting. I thought about it more, and wanted to pull the trigger last month. Now I’m thinking let’s see how it goes. I think it would be jarring to pull the plug too abruptly. As a compromise, I’m thinking about taking the month of December off.

We have some big changes on the family front. We welcomed a daughter to the family over the summer! Our family now feels complete. Our son is now 2 years old, and he’s really enjoying testing boundaries and challenging our authority. With the Delta variant, Covid still seems to be dominating the news. The kids obviously can’t be vaccinated yet, so we’re still being somewhat careful. Hopefully our son will be able to get the vaccine before he starts preschool next year.

The stock market is still on a tear, along with the housing market. Money doesn’t really feel real anymore. Our house that we bought 2 1/2 years ago has gained over $450k in value since we bought it — with most of those gains due to Covid. Kind of makes me not want to include home equity in our net worth, as it feels misleading.

What little free time I have, I’m spending around the house. I’ve made some wall-mounted dressers that I installed in three closets.

One of the dressers

Out of the nine drawers, I still have to tweak the fit of one of the drawers, then I’ll be on to the drawer fronts. Two years ago, I made solid wood drawer fronts by gluing up 1×4 solid wood. Last year, I experimented with drawer fronts made by edge banding plywood. This time I am going to break out the router table and make Shaker drawer fronts with solid wood rails and stiles and a plywood panel insert. I’ve never done it before so hopefully it turns out well.

Sample Shaker drawer front

I haven’t been working out or exercising much, but I have been trying to groove my golf swing at the driving range. But unlike the days of 2017 where I could play 5 rounds a week, I’m lucky to get one range session in a month at this point.

Hopefully, things go back to normal soon. But I’m not holding my breath.

9 thoughts on “Where Has 2021 Gone?

    • Thanks man. Are you still doing the grind? You’re in TX right? Funny thing about golf is if you can’t play regularly, you might as well not play! Last time I played was a one-off round and I could barely hit the ball.

  1. Greetings friend

    Sounds like you’re back on the treadmill, but stinking rich !

    Jane and I are back in Oz both working remotely. Nice home but fuck all invested. No debt.

    Built a lovely pool.

    Congratulations on your new addition.


    On Sat, 28 Aug 2021, 8:15 am Thoughts of an Anonymous Lawyer, wrote:

    > anonlawyer posted: ” I feel like this year has been a blur. We’re already > at the end of August. School is back in session in our area. This year has > been very busy at work. Just going from one stressful work deadline to the > next. My billable hours from July 2020 to June” >

    • Hi David! Thanks for checking in. I remembered you went back to Australia. Doesn’t seem like almost 3 years has gone by since we were in Ireland. Enjoy the house and pool. The most valuable possessions post Covid!

  2. Hey there, it’s been a long time since I stopped by to see how you’re doing. Wow, didn’t know you were back to working so much. It kinda hurts to read, to be honest. But to each their own, and I’m sure you have your reasons. I just hope you’re enjoying life.

    I’ve been gainfully unemployed for about 7 years now and I have absolutely no regrets. It turned out to be the right decision for me.

    Anyways, congratulation on your growing family. That’s great news! Kids are the best, and they only get to be a lot more fun as they get older . Mine are 11 and 13 now, and we’ve had such a great time, even during quarantine. I’ll be sad when they’re gone, but I know I’ve done everything I can to maximize every day with them. I’m sure you’ll do the same.

    • Thanks for stopping by, BNL! Yeah I wasn’t intending on working so much. I just wanted to find the right balance, but balance can be hard to find in litigation. I think what drove me to pursue some part-time work was all the big life changes happening at the same time (moving, new house, baby, then another baby). Glad to hear you are still doing well!

  3. I had considered quitting and going full early retirement, but after becoming a partner, I work little more than half your billables a year and have tons of free time. Partner life has been almost a joke.

    Maybe I should just ride it while the gravy train is good then.

      • Not biglaw, but a regional powerhouse that’s in the AMLAW 200. I have my own book and partners are rated based on collections rather than billables, but the collections threshold is also a joke. How much you work mostly just affects your bonus.

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