Two Comma Milestone!

It’s official.  Our net worth just passed the million dollar mark.  About 3 1/2 years ago, I participated in J. Money’s Million Dollar Club.  At that time, I estimated that I would become a millionaire by 2016.  Turns out I beat that estimate by almost 3 years.  This is due in large part to a continuous increase in my income.  In 2010, I was a 4th year associate making $210K a year plus bonus.  Now, I’m making much more than that, not including my wife’s income.  Another contributing factor was that we started to invest in the market late last year having sat on the sidelines for much of the recovery.  In the last week, we probably made $20K in the market.  Although, had I started earlier, say 2009, I would be way past $1M at this point.  Finally, getting married added about $50K to the total net worth.

We just might have to celebrate just a little this weekend.  Certainly, not so much that we rejoin the one comma club!

11 thoughts on “Two Comma Milestone!

    • We haven’t been fully invested for a year yet, so can’t say about dividends. It would be nice to have that kind of cash flow, but I doubt we are there yet. We’d need a 4-5% yield.

  1. HOT DOGS!! Congrats my friend, I’m still puttering away at 33%! Haha… drink a beer for me if you celebrate this weekend… And if you drink beer, for that matter 😉

    Going to update my list now to pimp your awesomeness out.

    • Thanks, J! I had a beer last night 🙂 Saw your message about guest post too. When I have some more time, I’d be happy to do one. My only other guest post (on was well received.

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